M Cranna and D Lonergan

Ralf is by far the best and most knowledgeable expert and tradesman in the Koi business. His honesty, fair pricing and outstanding workmanship is second to none. We highly recommend him.


This is a retail POS and breeding installation in Europe that ran over 12 months with over 250,000 litres and approximatley 40 tanks. Biofiltech were originally recommend by the Koi Soceity of Australia due to Ralf's experience with large scale installations and history with breeding a selecting Japanese Koi.

Above is the finished result and below are the stages of how it was put together.


Stage 1 Stage 1

- Designing the layout

- Installing the pipework




Stage 2A  

Stage 2
- Assembling the biologoical filters, settlement chambers,pumps and Ultraviolets.

Stage 3 Stage 3

- Integrating tanks into pipework
- Configuring the tank height regulation system to easily adjust individual tank levels.



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