M Cranna and D Lonergan

Ralf is by far the best and most knowledgeable expert and tradesman in the Koi business. His honesty, fair pricing and outstanding workmanship is second to none. We highly recommend him.

Providing Onsite pond design, manufacturing of filtration systems for both tank and pond. Suitable for both Koi and perch.

Ralf Boehner grew up on a Koi farm and has worked in the industry for over 35 years. One on ralfs many achievements was studying under Mr.Nobuo Takigawa in Japan learning to breed and cull Koi.

Biofiltech cater to the largest of commercial clients designed to mass breed fish for retail to the residential customer who wants their pride and joy to be well looked after and looking their best.

All prices are listed in AUD and inclusive of GST.

Commercial Customer Residential Customer
an image an image This is a retail POS and breeding installation... Above is the finished residential pond...